Guide to Company Incorporation in Malaysia

Malaysia’s corporate taxation companies have been a significant contributor to Malaysia’s worldwide popularity concerning as a pro-business country all over the world. Corporate taxation deals with the startup companies which pay zero tax for the first three consecutive years. However, for the next few years, 50% exemption is given. All this makes Malaysia rank in top listed countries of doing business worldwide within one of the easiest ways. Even this is the only reason why most of the foreign individuals prefer setting up their business in Malaysia.

If you are a business entrepreneur then all you have to consider the following requirements:

  • Your company should have a permanent address of the registered office in Malaysia.
  • It is must to have at least one shareholder, one resident director, and a company secretary.
  • Minimum paid-up share capital is $1.

If as a businessman you are having any doubt of what kind of company incorporation in Malaysia you should use then read the rest of the article:

Branch Office- Basically branch office is considered as an extension of the foreign parent company and will not be considered as a separate legal entity. With this, for all the liabilities parent company will be responsible.

Subsidiary- In Malaysia, the subsidiary is considered as a private limited company having its existence in the eyes of the law. For all the liabilities, the subsidiary will be responsible not the parent company.

Representative office- This office belongs to the one who represents the company in other countries. The law set up for company incorporation in Malaysia does not consider this office. It is just for regulating market research or say to maintain the coordination in activities. Here also all the debts are of the parent company.

As a foreign business entrepreneur, you can also look at how to engage a professional firm, work visa for individuals and the management staff and others. To have a better setup and proceedings, try to tie up with any Malaysia company incorporation. Therefore, all this will give you a vision as well as knowledge to tackle all the complications of business.

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