Fraser Residence Promenade – Ideal Location For The Families

Fraser Residence Promenade is considered the best development area. The project is located near the MRT stations and provides the comfort zone in the transportation. In fact, there are many skyscrapers near the project, and we can get every facility in such buildings. That’s why Fraser Residence Promenade Frasers Property is the correct choice for the families. There are schools and shopping malls present near the development area. Not only this, but some parks also can be seen in the nearby area. 

Fort Canning Park

This is an amazing park as it is nested with the lush greenery. Well, this place is not only popular among the residents, but also visitors love to visit such a place. Basically, Singapore is very famous because of the huge variety of animals as well as plants. There are a number of parks as well as the heritage roads, and by visiting such places, we are able to collect the unique experience. By visiting the par, we can enjoy the greenery in a proper manner.

Near the Singapore river

The project is located by the side of Singapore River, so if we choose the option of such project, then we will get the opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of such river. Well, the river view is really amazing, and everyone always wants to get such kind of view as it can enhance the lifestyle.

Apart from this, if we talk about the floor plans and there are many options. We can check out each and every option and select the best one, which can easily suit the requirements and needs. If you are going to finalize the deal, then take a look at the different layouts and select the perfect one according to the factors, which are necessary.

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