Information Related To Steps For Installing Plugin For WordPress

The WordPress plugins are basically the programming code by which we can improve the features of the normal installation of the WordPress. By plugins, we can get the huge help in customizing the website. On the other hand, if we talk about the Poor Man’s WordPress SEO, then it offers information about the mistakes of the website.

WordPress is basically designed in a way, which is basically the user-friendly. When it comes to the types of WordPress plugin, then there are two types present. The mess with plugins requires a little bit tweak. On the other hand, if we talk about the drop in plugins, then it allows the users to activate and upload within the WordPress panel.

The process of installing the plugin for WordPress

When it comes to the procedure of the installation of plugin for WordPress, then it is a simple process. While some people think that it is a difficult one; however, this is just a misconception. The whole process contains only a few steps, which are quite easy to follow.

Step 1 – the users are required to upload the plugin to the plugin folder or the wp-content.

Step 2 – use the browser and login for going to the WordPress site.

Step 3 – now click on the plugin links, which can be found at the top in the main menu bar.

Step 4 – you will get a huge list of plugins, and you need to find out the one, which you have uploaded.

Step 5 – now you are required to click on the option of activating for making the plugin active.

Thus, you are able to complete the entire process of installing the plugin for WordPress. So, if you are willing to add the plugin to the website, then there is the only requirement of undergoing the above described procedure.

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