How to use Spotify plays on an android phone? Follow 5 steps

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Content on Spotify is conveyed either by a record mark or a merchant. In case you’re marked to a name, they’ll deal with getting your music to Spotify plays. In case you’re free, you’ll need to orchestrate dispersion yourself—or join the transfer beta in Spotify for Artists. If you don’t right now have a merchant – which handles permitting and distribution of your music and pays you your spilling sovereignties, each administration is one of a kind, so make sure to complete a little homework before picking one. Most charge an expense or commission.

For using Spotify plays on an android phone, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Spotify: you will find the icon on your phone which is drawn on the home screen. If you may not open it, then you have to sign in.
  • Click on home button: the home button is on the left side corner. It is because you will find personalized recommendations such as radio, playlist, or something that which is based on the listening.
  • Click on the search button: It is also known as the magnifying glass because its sign shape is the same as the shape of a magnifying glass. Whatever music you want, you can type the name of the song, and it will provide you.
  • Tap on profile: the music which you want if the search icon is not showing it then you can also type the name of the artist. Then click on the profile of artist if you have free member premium then you can listen to it.
  • Click the song to move it in playing view: this option is on the bottom of the app, in this option you will see several options like; pause, play, restart, or skip.

Thus, these are some steps which help you in using Spotify plays on an android phone.

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