Top 10 styles for vertical gardening

These days vertical gardening style is adopted by most of the plant’s lover. Vertical garden walls are the best way to give intense look to the walls. There are many varieties of plants available for vertical gardening. Let’s discuss the best vertical gardening styles that we can have for our walls.

  1. Farmhouse Style wall planter

This design is best suited for outdoor walls as the plants are planted in parallel to other plants.

  • Wooden bead hanging planter

This style is made with a hollow wooden box attached with a rope. Plants like pothos are planted in this style.

  • Modern kitchen garden

This style gives intense look to our kitchen and plants are planted in upside down pattern.

  • Clay pot vertical garden

In this style, all the pots are hanged with steel rods in a vertical manner and they are best suited for balcony or gallery.

  • Succulent tray vertical garden

This tray is made with succulent plants and framing of this tray is required for wall art and hence it frames best vertical garden walls.

  • Leather and wood trellis

This design is best suited for indoor walls because it comes in a diamond shape and pots are hanged in between them.

  • Stand alone wall

This design is built by affixing hex wire to a wooden frame and its best suited for the garden.

  • Plywood hanging planter

This design is made with plywood material that holds heavy shrubs and can be placed anywhere in homes.

  • Indoor hanging herb garden

This design can be easily built by window wooden rods and curtain rings.

  1. Hanging planter

This is the best hanging design which is made of five wooden hollow planks that are equally spaced for placing pots in between them.

These are the top 10 styles for best vertical garden walls.

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