Tips and tricks to use snapchat

The latest update of snapchat is having lots of impressive improvements in its features and techniques. If you are new at using snapchat, then there are some tips and tricks which you should know when you will go to use snapchat. It is an extremely popular application which is used to send and receive pictures. There is some free snapchat score you can get via an application which can also help in taking out some better results for you in the application. 


There are many tips which you should know when you will go to use snapchat. Few of those tips are:-

Active the cool features

When you will go to start using snapchat then make sure about the setting option. You have allowed all the cool settings to get activated which will help in bringing the best while using the application. One thing you should remember when you will go to use the application, and that is to install the latest version of the application so that you can take the best use of it with advanced features of it. You should activate the filters, front face flashing, special texts and power saving mode too.

 Use special text

When you click any of your pictures in the snapchat, then you should add some text and filters in it which will help in making your picture more attractive and funny. These special texts can make your image look better than before and will make you look beautiful also.

Add funny filters

When you click the picture in snapchat, then you will find different filters in it which will make you look funny. It is a part of the fun which entertains people also.

Now when you will use the app and get free snapchat score make sure that you will use these tips.

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